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Shin-Ika / Baby Cuttlefish
SHIN-IKA - Baby Cuttlefish

SHIN-IKA – Baby Cuttlefish  –  Around 20g / Izumi City, Kagoshima

Cuttlefish baby has started to arrive. It will be expensive at the beginning, so please use it when the price goes down. It`s a seasonal item that goes with shinko as well.

Shinko / Threadfish shad
Shinko - Gizzard shad

Shinko – Gizzard shad

100g/PK Amakusa City, Kumamoto
It is getting about 6-10 pcs for 100 g. Please try out Shinko when kohada is too large to use. It may be small to use, but since it is a seasonal item, try it just for this period.


Shin Sanma / Pacific saury
SANMA - Pacific saury

SANMA – Pacific saury  –  180g Nemuro City, Hokkaido

The first shipment was traded at a high price this year. The price will gradually stabilize from middle of the month. In recent years, it is said that the amount of harvest is scarce, so we pray for the best.

Meichidai / Nakedhead
MEICHIADAI – Gray Large-eye bream

MEICHIADAI – Gray Large-eye bream  –  500g ~ 1 Kg Shoizuoka, Kochi etc.

Nakedhead is a recommended white flesh fish. It has a delicious flavorful white flesh, and it also fits well with nigiri because of the fat contained. Best of all it has a cute eye.


Akisake / Autum Salmon
SAKE - Salmon

SAKE – Salmon  –  3 Kg Nemuro,Hokkaido Pref.

It will be a transition period from spring salmon to autumn salmon. We will send you straight from the source with the guts removed for freshness.


Umeiro / Yellowtail Blue Snapper
UMEIRO - Yellowtail Blue Snapper

UMEIRO – Yellowtail Blue Snapper  –  600g Kushimoto, Wakayama

This snapper has a beautiful colored scale. It has a beautiful white fish, with no bad after taste, it fits well with any dish.

Manakatsuo / Butterfish
MANAGATSUO - Butterfish

MANAGATSUO – Butterfish  –  2 Kg Amakusa City, Kumamoto

Famous luxury fish in western Japan. Perfect soft texture with sweet and fatty flesh. It is suitable for sushi, sashimi, grilled fish.

Magochi / Bartail flathead
MAGOCHI – Flathead

MAGOCHI – Flathead  –  1 Kg Takeoka, Chiba

Luxury fish representing the summer season. It has a good texture and is refreshing when you eat it as sashimi. Try squeezing some citrus with it as well.

SakuKoi / Saku Carp
KOI - Carp

KOI – Carp  –  1 Kg Nagano

It is a Shinshu brand carp. Koi raised with cold water in Nagano is well-tightened, fatty flesh, and grows up without any stench. It is tasty both raw or boiled.


Shokko / Young Amberjack
NERIGO (Kanpachi) - Young Amberjack

NERIGO (Kanpachi) – Young Amberjack  –  1Kg Katsuyama, Chiba

It is an exquisite fish to eat raw. Perfect body tenderness, fat is not too persistent. Delicious for shabu-shabu as well.


Kasago / Marbled rockfish
KASAGO - Marbled rockfish

KASAGO – Marbled rockfish  –  1 Kg up, Tottori

It is a fish with characteristic body color and it`s sharp spikes. It has elegant white flesh and has a crisp, sweet taste and it gets better the more you chew. Please eat it with sushi, sashimi or boiled.


Kaiwari/Whitefin trevally


KAIWARI - Whitefin trevally

KAIWARI – Whitefin trevally  –  300g Yaizu, Shizuoka

It is a delicious fish said to be on par with Shimaji. The number of stocks is low, and not so popular, but it goes excellent as sushi material. Please try it out.

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