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SHINKO / Threadfin shad
Shinko - Gizzard shad

Shinko – Gizzard shad   – 100pk/kg Shizuoka

The season of Shinko has arrived. Although it is troublesome to work with, it is also shine the chef’s skills. Indulge your customers appetite with the time consumed art work.




HANASAKIGANI / Boiled Hanasaki Crab
Hanasakigani - Hanasaki Crab

Hanasakigani – Hanasaki Crab   – 500g Nemuro, Hokkaido

Hanasaki crabs will be starting in July. We boyle directly at the production place after receiving the order. Try the Hanasaki Crab for the flavor packed crab heaven.



Meichidai / Nakedhead
MEICHIADAI – Gray Large-eye bream

MEICHIADAI – Gray Large-eye bream   – 500g~1 Kg Shizuoka / Mie / Nagasaki

It is a family of emperor fish and it is treated as a high-grade fish than red-bream because of its good taste and low catch. Its flesh is delicate, and its taste will want to crave for more.



Mehikari / Bigeyed greeneye
Mehikari / Bigeyed greeneye

Mehikari / Bigeyed greeneye   – 40g size Choshi, Chiba

The large blue lit eye is the reason for its name. Fatty soft fresh suitable for, fried, tempura, and Nanbanzuke(stew). If freshness is good, it can be eaten even with sashimi. Since they have soft bone, once fried they are easy to consume.



Iwana / Japanese char

Iwana / Japanese char  – 3pc/pk Sanriku area

Arctic Char is a standard in the United States, but please also try Japanese Char as well. Convene with seasonal vegetables. Large aquaculture “Shinshu the Great Iwana” (1 ㎏ size) is treated like Arctic Char as well.

アメリカではArctic Charが定番になっていますが、Japanese Charもお試しください。小さめの魚は季節野菜との組み合わせで焼き物で。大型の養殖「信州大王イワナ」(1㎏サイズ)はArctic Charのような扱いで。



Suzuki / Japanese Seabass
Suzuki - Japanese Seabass

Suzuki – Japanese Seabass   – 2Kg size Shino Island, Aichi

It is a fish named Suzuki because it is white as it was rinsed.
A white body with less bloody gives clarity but has fat as well. Best season is now, very recommended.



Kochi / Flathead
MAGOCHI – Flathead

MAGOCHI – Flathead  – 1 Kg size Chiba / Kanagawa

It is a summer luxury fish. The plumped flesh is good for thin slice, or cooked.



Fuefukidai / Emperor Fish
Fuefukidai - Emperor Fish

Fuefukidai – Emperor Fish   –  1Kg~2Kg Bonotsu, Kagoshima

It is a famous fish in western Japan. White transparency flesh will last long, so it looks beautiful as well. It is slightly scented with the scent of the iso, so any recipe is delicious. Good soup stock can be created from the excess parts.



Okoze / Devil stinger
Okoze / Devil stinger

Okoze / Devil stinger  – 500g Amakusa, Kumamoto

It is a luxury fish characterized by clean taste.
This season has a lot of catch and it is delicious.
Liver is delicious, delicious soup is also made from bones, skin, etc., so there is no part to throw away.



Matsuwa Saba / Matsuwa mackerel
Saba - Mackerel

Saba – Mackerel  – 800g Matsuwa, Kanagawa

Matsuwa mackerel which starts to appear in summer is also called Golden Mackerel. It is a masaba landing at “Matsuwa fishing port” in Miura city, Kanagawa prefecture, and which brand name arrived from. It was selected as 100 Kanagawa prefecture brand name selection and has trademark registration.




Goma Saba/Spotted Mackerel
Gomasaba - Mackerel

Gomasaba – Mackerel  – 700g~800g Mie / Miyagi

A fish known for recommendation. It is a versatile fish that you can cook with, use it for stew, grill, raw, and many more.



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