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Kanpachi (Tennenn) – Amberjack (Wild)
Kanpachi – Amberjack

Kanpachi – Amberjack – 2 Kg ~ 4 Kg Shizuoka

We recommend the “Oyogi-jime with nerve removal”. This keeps the fish fresh longer.





Hamo (Ikejime) – Pike Conger
Hamo - Pike conger

Hamo – Pike conger   – 600g ~ 900g Awaji Island, Hyogo

The pike conger eel season has started. If you are interested, please include in your menu.

鱧の季節になってきました。 ぜひメニューに入れてください。



Isaki (Tsuri) – Threeline Grunt (Large)
Isaki - Grunt fish

Isaki – Grunt fish – 800g ~ 1Kg Ooita / Kochi

This season`s grount has savoring oil from eye to the bone. The more you chew the flavorful it becomes.




Sagoshi (Tsuri) – Spanish Mackerel
Sawara - Japanese spanishi mackerel

Sawara – Japanese spanishi mackerel – 2 Kg under Tokyo / Chiba

We will gather the lined fished Spanish mackerel this season.




Matukawa Garei – Barfin Flounder
Matsukawagarei - Barfin Flounder

Matsukawagarei – Barfin Flounder – 600g ~ 2 Kg Hokkaido

The male has more yellowish color underneath, and female has white belly. The larger ones are the females. If you want the large one, ask for the female.




Kochi – Flathead
Magochi - Flathead

Magochi – Flathead – 1Kg size Chiba / Kanagawa

The one sourced from inner bay area is the best! We will send you iki-jime.




Ainame – Fat Greenling (Extra Fat)
Ainame - Fat Greenling

Ainame – Fat Greenling  – 1kg up Aomori


Usually purchase by ones but box bought is stable and affordable now. The shoulder flesh is super fatty and this season`s greenling has sweet and smooth tasting oil in it`s flesh.




Hiramasa – Yellowtail Amberjack (Angling)
Hiramasa - Yellowtail amberjack

Hiramasa – Yellowtail amberjack  – 4 Kg size Hagi, Yamaguchi

Very nice yellowtail is being brought up from the westward sea by nets. We can prepare a morning iki-jime.




Kuro Awabi – Japanese Abalone
Awabi - Abalone

Awabi – Abalone – 300g size Japan / Austraria

We have variety of awabi(abalone), wild black awabi, Australia awabi, farmed Ezo awabi. Please conform your size and price before ordering.




“Donchicchi” Aji – Jack Mackerel
Aji - Horse mackerel

Aji – Horse mackerel – 200g size Shimane

Fatty mackerel of Japan. Very nice bottom level fish. If you want the ikijime mackerel, then this is the one to get.





Unagi (Tennen) – Japanese Eel (Wild)

Unagi - Japanese eel

Unagi – Japanese eel – 300g size Shizuoka / Kumamoto

Stable shipment has started. We will serve ikijime or fillet style.




Uni (Shiro Jo, Sato) – Sea Urchin (White Premium, Sato)
Uni - Sea urchin

Uni – Sea urchin (Sato Brand) – 300g/PK Sanriku, Miyagi

Murasaki-uni season has started. This year again “Saito`s Aji-yoshi” is entering. We especially recommend the Murasaki-toku jyou.





Junsai – Seaweed Water Shield (Seasonal)
Junsai - Seaweed Water Shield

Junsai – Seaweed Water Shield – 500g/PK Akita

Seasonal Japanese made 500g pack. Although China is lower price, but we recommend the Japanese made for good quality.




Mozuku – Sea Weed (Fat String-type)
Mozuku - Sea Weed

Mozuku – Sea Weed – PK Okinawa

We are getting very thick mozuku and think as well. The thick ones are very good this time of season. Just specify which one to purchase.



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